What’s the story?

So here’s how it all started! Back in June 2017, I came home frustrated from a job that I had loved for many years and chatted to my husband, Chris, about a change in career. Not too much later, I had the sudden thought ‘why not a coffee truck?’.

Well, why not indeed! A couple of months later and we met what was to become our first coffee home – who we now lovingly refer to as ‘GiGi’ (see below). A 5-star Food Hygiene certificate achieved, full PAT testing carried out and hygiene certificates for the staff and our truck adventures began!

Formerly known as Cuppa Jo’s Coffee, in 2021 we became The Filter Box Coffee Co and gained a lovely new horsebox in which to serve delicious food and drinks fromLooking ahead we can’t wait for the next truck adventure whether it be a corporate event, wedding, charity, open air theatre, music festival, 40’s weekend, village show, pony club meeting or something completely different! 

Early mornings, cold starts, blazing sunshine or pouring rain, we are always excited for our next adventure. 

Meet ‘GiGi’

This beautiful Peugeot J7 has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment programme, including bodywork, brakes, engine and a professional catering conversion to the rear. Its last owner, Madame Bernard from Brittany, had it for over 12 years as a vehicle to transport her ponies to local shows in France.

We have stripped it back to a bare shell and rebuilt it into a stunning street food truck. It has the added advantage of being much taller than a standard J7 or Citroen HY, with over 8 Feet of headroom inside. Our van has been loving restored and fits into every surrounding perfectly.  We cater for all types of event from festival, local shows and private, corporate & charity events.

Meet Billy

Much like how we aim to source local ingredients and produce, we wanted to try and do the same with our new addition to The Filter Box Coffee Co family, Billy. We sourced local materials from Norfolk and used a local workforce to repurpose this lovely horse box into a new, mobile coffee shop.

Our quirky new addition to the family looks fantastic in a multitude of surroundings and can often be seen in the picturesque Holkham Walled Garden (see right).

stories from the road

Everyday is a new adventure at The Filter Box Coffee Co – we always look forward to the wonderful people we meet, who make the job so enjoyable and memorable. Here are just a few of our stories from the road…

We usually refer to 11AM as coffee o’clock but one man, you know who you are, put a different slant to this with his regular 11am order of Dalston’s Cherryade - 11AM is now fondly known as cherry o’clock!
Some of our regulars really work for their coffee! Like our cyclists who clock up 100 miles (and sometimes more) and will come to us for a coffee and a piece of Yo Berry Flapjack, or two, before getting back to their ride. A well-deserved break we think!
The end of the day can bring surprises too, like the time when a member of staff was shutting the truck up but had forgotten the day started with torrential rain… as the side of the truck was closed the member of staff got soaked! This team member has not learnt and continues to get drenched!
We attended a magnificent wedding in Hockering, Norfolk serving guests and we even starred in the newlyweds Abba themed wedding video where they joined us on the truck for a sing-along!