From the planting to the drinking…

At The Filter Box Coffee Co we take great care and pay close attention in being sure to select the most ecologically friendly suppliers, products and packaging materials that work for both our products and the environment.

All our coffees are made with a single origin coffee that is drum roasted in small batches. Our coffee will always be an ethically sourced product. We endeavour to, where possible, support fair trade coffee co-operatives and help with the planting of coffee plants to make sure we give back and continue to ensure there is coffee for years to come.

It’s not over after the planting, harvesting and grinding though…


Thinking about the environment

Our coffee grounds are then put back into the soil for nourishment and enrichment. We’ve even had stately gardens use our coffee grounds to add nutrients to the compost and enrich the soil!

Where possible, we also try and source locally made products such as cordials from Norfolk Cordials, who work with local growers and farmers to produce delicious soft drinks made in the UK with UK produce.

We use teabags or ‘tea temples’ from Teapigs which are made from corn starch and paper which breaks down in industrial composting within 12 weeks. Teapigs were the first tea company awarded the Plastic-Free trust-mark from ‘A Plastic Planet’, certifying that the packaging is free from conventional fossil fuel derived plastic.

Becoming more sustainable

The packaging used for our products is of vital importance to us. Here are a few ways in which we have become more sustainable and reduced our carbon footprint:

  • We use 100% compostable coffee cups and lids. We have taken the decision to not print our logo on these to maintain their ability to be recycled and composted.
  • We have made the switch from using plastic bottles of water to using resealable aluminium cans of water, which are recyclable. We’ve done the same for our other soft drinks such as Dalston’s and Coca-Cola, which are in cans not plastic bottles.
  • We use wooden stirrers, spoons, knives and forks, paper straws and recyclable napkins.
  • Where a bag is needed, we supply a small brown takeout paper bag, which is recyclable.
  • Where a receipt of purchase is required, we also supply this via text/email to reduce our carbon footprint.

Looking ahead…

We are currently using plastic cups for our iced coffees and teas but are actively looking for a fully recyclable/compostable alternative. Reducing our carbon footprint further and becoming more sustainable is an on-going journey for us – one that we are fully committed to and invested in at The Filter Box Coffee Co.